Month: December 2020


The idiom I chose was when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Here is the picture that I made to describe it.

The literal term of this sentence is when lemons fall from the sky make a lemonade stand.

The figurative term of this sentence is, turn a bad situation into a good situation.

One time I turned lemons into lemonade is when my family and I went on a nature hike. My family and I were going to go to the dollar store to get birdseed because we really wanted to feed the birds. However, when my family and I got to the dollar store no one had brought a mask so we couldn’t go. if I remember correctly I believe I actually started crying because as I said before I really wanted to feed the birds, but I brushed it off and still went on the hike. When we got there I remembered I had some almonds in my backpack for example are lemons. I chopped them up in my hand and the birds proceeded to eat the almonds, say for example are lemonade.

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