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Today we had scientists in the school. We had Dana as our host for what we were doing. We made dissolved flour, Epsom salt, and baking soda in the water. I thought it was really cool how the flour, baking soda, and the Epsom salt all had different effects on the water. For starters, the flour was the only solid no to dissolve in water well the other two solids did not dissolve in water. Secondly, baking soda was the only solid to form a ring at the top of the water. We also mixed baking soda and vitamin c in cabbage water and it made a big explosion. It was really cool! even though we were online it still felt the same as if we would be in school. I thought it would be different and not as fun but frankly, it was the same actually even better. It was very different but it was really fun because we got to try something new. I experienced a lot of different things with scientists in the school we got to see things fizz and change colors overall it was a very fun day and I learned a lot of different things. When we poured the Epsom salt and vitamin c into the cabbage powder it started changing to red instead of purple. However, when we mixed the baking soda and vitamin c in the cabbage it started bubbling. I am looking forward to doing this next year.

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  1. Hey Zoebk, I loved this blog post because scientist in to school was really fun and I think we all did something new with tests online to science stuff online, but definitely this is going to be something we all will remember and something that we will tell in the future, it was header to because some people’s intranet was going down so it was probably heard, Bu it was still really fun and something new!


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