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  For the past three weeks in science, We were researching Solar energy. We learned a lot about it by reading from websites such as  HOW CITIES CAN REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION and  Energy Management in Parks: We’re saving resources, your money, and Earth.

Leonardo da Vinci came up with the idea of solar panels. During the day solar panels take the sun and transform the sun into electricity/energy. And if you don’t have any sun the solar panels won’t work. Solar panels conserve energy during the day when there is sun that way at night the solar panels shoot the energy out that they have been saving all day.

With solar energy, cities would be able to tap into free energy in the form of giving electricity or heating during the daytime. If you use solar panels you could put whatever you are building anywhere because it doesn’t need to be close to any electricity posts.  Solar will also reduce the amount of fossil fuel people use. In some places, energy uses more than 70%. Plants and trees lower greenhouse gas emissions in the air by using energy from the sun.


Our project is to make Parks more fun and more efficient. Parks now are fun but they are still not fun enough a lot of kids like using electronics so we could create outdoor electronics so kids could look forward to going outside more. It’s good to make the park more efficient because people are spending more time outside and making it more fun makes it more efficient. 


We were adding energy to a park to make it more fun and efficient to do this. We added a big solar panel at the top that can run all sorts of gadgets. The point of doing this is to make it more fun for playdates outdoors because of covid19 we have to stay outside more that is the point of making the park more fun and efficient. 


In our project, we will be using Solar Panels because they are more energy-efficient and cost less money in the long run because you only need to pay at the beginning. You don’t need to be close to any electricity posts.

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