Month: December 2021

My rocket!!!!


today I will be talking to you about my rocket. Sorry, let’s rewind a bit, a little bit ago in our science class we were learning about flight. After we learned about flight Mr. Ray gave us a fun project we had to build a rocket! Mr. Ray gave us a piece of paper with instructions and we built a rocket. After we all finished our rocket we got to go outside and launch it. My rocket actually went 29.4m I think it went that far because I cut the sides on an angle so it could overcome gravity. My rocket really overcame gravity and gravity only pulled it down when it was supposed to. I actually ended up winning.


I think I could work on my form and what I used. For example, I think I could fill my rocket a little bit more with paper to make it heavier or put a little bit more masking or shipping tape on it. I could see that my rocket was deforming the second time we launched it. I think I should have reinforced it with struts to make it a little bit more less likely to collapse.

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My Mishpacha project

In our Jewish Studies class, we had to do a project called the Mishpacha project in our project we had to do either an interview with our family and then create a video or a PowerPoint. We had to interview our parents or parent on the questions that Mr. Washerstien provided us with the questions were how did you get your Hebrew name, how did you get your English name, where is your family originally from, and more. I chose to interview my mom and my dad. I found out that my family is from Poland. Not only did my friends learn something about my family but I did too.

If I had my own school

If I had the chance to make a school I would… Want my school to learn technology, sports and Law. This school would be a university called Bakling university. I would let the students do whatever they want as long as they did not cross a line and get good grades. They can go on their computer whenever they want to watch youtube. I don’t care if the teacher is teaching in the background, if you got mostly Ds and Cs then you could not go on your computer but if you work up to Bs and As then you could go on your computer.


 The teacher would be live-streaming everything just in case the students wanted to go into a room with fewer people. There would be So many rooms in this school depending on how many students wanted to be in fewer class sizes. The chairs would also be able to transform into being if you wanted to be more comfortable. You could also have the choice to learn digitally or in person. This school would be located in Wawa Ontario.