My Step-Family

I was living a pretty normal life until my crazy step-family showed up. Let me help you to understand this a little bit better. Before my stepfamily, it was just my dad and I but when they showed up suddenly it was my dad, my stepmom, my stepbrother, sister, and me. That’s 3 more people in our house, 3 more people eating our food and more importantly, 3 more people watching tv. Now I don’t want to come off as snobbish or anything but having 5 people in our house instead of 2 is driving me crazy. There is barely any room anymore to do what I enjoy. 

Before me and my dad had a set day to go out and do what we wanted and that day was Sunday every Sunday we would either go out mini-golfing or see a movie, really just do what I wanted, Now since my stepmoms around Sundays their date night. And I’m forced to be left alone with my stepsisters.

Since Penelope, Paige, and Peyton showed up (those are their names by the way) I haven’t had any time to myself even if I did. There would be no room anywhere for me to do my own thing. Now don’t get me wrong, having two sisters is great because now I get to share my interests with them and do stuff that I really don’t want to do with my dad. Since they are 14 and I’m only 12 they can tell what I can expect later in life like my period, boys, and my Bar Mitzvah that’s happening in a few months. My sisters omg it feels weird even calling them that. Anyway, my sisters have gone to my school before me so they know the way around. You can say they know the twists and turns of the school and they know which teachers are good and bad.

For example, take my English teacher, He doesn’t know how to teach us. 

Now let me talk about my stepmom Penelope. She’s mean she tells me I’m stupid when I get my grades back even though my average is 79% I know Paige and Peyton scored an 89% but I should not be compared to anyone, at least when I was alone I wasn’t compared to anyone else. Peyton would never feed and the food in the house was scarce. Penelope was not like her children Paige and Peyton. She was much worse and she wouldn’t let me go to parties. The worst part is that my birthday is Paige and Peyton’s half birthday (their twins by the way) so they have a cake that says their names on it. They don’t even celebrate my birthday even though everyone complains. My dad doesn’t even seem fazed or concerned about the way she treats me, I think because I haven’t had a mother figure in so long my dad doesn’t really know how I should be treated.

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