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Persuasive writing

.                  Why we should have more field trips

We should have more field trips because it can increase a student’s learning. A lot of people want more field trips. It would help us learn more about where we were going. Some people are visual learners so it would help them to see the place they were learning about.

You should let us have more field trips because it can help our learning. It would help our learning because we would have something to look forward to. We would behave better if we had more field trips because we would be comer in class. It could help us get more active so we wouldn’t be so hyper in class.


We would have more fun at school. We would work harder because we know if we do we would have a field trip. It would be fun to go to the places we learn about. We can have better school days because we would have a break on the bus.


It would help people understand more. For some people it’s easier to understand what they are learning about by looking at it. It would help people learn better to see what we are learning about. It could help the teachers get to know more about the parents and kids. The same goes for the parents. It would give us a chance to bond with each other.


We should have more field trips cause it can increase learning. We should have more field trips because we can learn better together. Some people like their parents at school. It would help us get to know each other. You could say it was a reward and if we behaved we would get to go.


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