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Public Speaking


People shouldn’t have to run away or even move out of the country as a result of people trying to hurt them just because they are different or have different opinions or different beliefs. You may think that this never happens but it happens more often than you think. Fellow classmates and Miss Bennett, today I will be talking to you about equality. 

 Equality is not just about me or you, It affects everyone. There are a lot of different types of equality like race, gene er, and even religion to this day a lot of them still happen. Equality is about ensuring that people get the same thing the same rights. But it’s not always like that. It’s important that people get the same rights so that when they grow up they learn to fight.if we didn’t have equality the whole world would be a mess.

Gender equality it’s important to remember that since birth, we have been conditioned to make similarities between men and women, masculinity, and femininity. Gender is the perceived or projected masculinity or femininity of a person.societies tend to have related gender in which everyone is categorized as male or female but this is not universal. Some societies include a third gender, referred to as transgender, which combined both as male and female.

Racial equality a lot of people think that since other people are different than them and have different skin colour they don’t have to treat them the same. but it’s not like that if you have different skin colour then you’re friend it doesn’t matter you could still be friends with them. For example a few years ago when I was on a cruise I met this girl at kids club.she had a different skin colour than me. but I didn’t care. I still continued to play and we had a lot of fun together.

In conclusion, you should treat everyone the same I hope after listening to my speech that you learned that you should treat everyone the same. I hope you remember that it’s ok to be friends with someone that has different coloured skin then you.thank you for listening to my speech.